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California Passes Child Alarm Law
Toddler left in hot car dies
Boy left on school bus found wandering in snow
Special-Needs Child Left On Dallas School Bus For 6 Hours
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In the U.S. alone, there are currently over 450,000 yellow school and daycare buses used to transport children each day back/forth to school. This number is expected to grow and reach over 1 million vehicles by the year 2020. 90% of these vehicles are not equipped with safety devices designed to guard against children being forgotten or left on the bus. This is why ATWEC Technologies, Inc., a start-up manufacturing firm located in Memphis, TN has chosen to create the KiddieSystem product line, which consist of specifically designed systems to guard against the industry worst nightmare (a child be left behind in a car, van or bus). Each product of the KiddieSystem line has a unique purpose for protecting a child's safety.

ATWEC’s goal is to supply the daycare and preschool industry with all the latest technologies relating to transportation safety, and vehicle tracking. ATWEC is proud to announce the KiddieSystems products.

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Child Safety


Four-Year-Old Left On Daycare Bus For Hours

Two Boys Forgotten In Vans

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Police Investigating Children Abandoned in Cold Daycare Vans

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Child Safety Alarms by Atwec Technologies

Safety Alarms & Children

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Safety Alarms & Children

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