ATWEC Child Safety Systems Help to Prevent Back Up, Abandonment Accidents


Memphis TN (October 29, 2010) (Market Wire)-ATWEC Technologies (PINKSHEETS: ATWT) – Katie’s Kid Learning Center and ATWEC, Inc., a leader in the childcare safety industry, will demonstrate how to prevent back up accidents and accidental child abandonment in vehicles as part of its KidSafe Program on Friday October 29 2010 at 11:00 am at Katie’s Kid Learning Center located at 2895 SE 2ND Street, Boynton Beach, FL.

ATWEC’s signature Kiddie Systems™ product lines help to save lives by alerting pedestrians to potential child backover accidents as well as accidental child abandonment on childcare and school bus vehicles. “Our goal with the KiddieVoice® and Kiddie Alert™    Systems is to save lives,” says Alex T. Wiley, President of ATWEC, Inc. “Our research shows that a child responds better by hearing a human voice as opposed to sensory sounds when a vehicle backs up.”

State Representative Maria L. Sachs and various officials will be on hand to discuss the merits of the program. Ms. Sachs is proposing legislation to mandate installing safety systems on all daycare and school transportation vehicles.

“We want to make the Kiddie Systems™ available and affordable for use throughout Florida,” says Wiley. “Given the increase in the number of accidents we continue to see, if we can save just one child’s life, our efforts will be well worth it.”


About Katie’s Kid Learning Center

Katie’s Kid Learning Center, one of the premier learning centers in Florida, recently experienced a tragic accident at one of their centers. They are now taking the lead to bring solutions to the state of Florida to ensure that this never happens again. Ms. Kathryn Muhammad is being proactive to demonstrate that safety is of the utmost importance.

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