MEMPHIS, TN – Sept 12, 2006 (MARKET WIRE) – ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) announced today that it has closed its Regulation D, Rule 504 offering and is no longer selling shares of its common stock to accredited investors. A Form D will soon be filed with Securities and Exchange Commission, disclosing that the company has raised $999,000 dollars in the offering over the past six months bringing the total to just under $ 1 million dollars during the past year. The limit to any such offering is $1 million in the trailing twelve months.

The Company completed the offering to provide capital for upgrading marketing programs, increase manufacturing of Kiddie Systems products, expansion of the infrastructure to provide the services for support of its product line and to provide working capital to see us through the beginning of our new fiscal year.

Alex T. Wiley President/CEO commented, “This is the beginning phase to expand its mission to provide child transportation safety devices throughout the nation and onward to a global position. ATWEC is on track and our underlying mission of ensuring our children’s safety looks as bright as ever.”

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NOTE: Certain statements made in this press release are company-based projections within the scope of the Private Securities Act of 1995. Such statements involve known and unknown risks. Uncertainties and other mitigating factors may influence desired outcomes. Such risks, uncertainties and/or other mitigating factors include but are not limited to new economic conditions, risks associated in product development, market acceptance of new products and continuing product demand, level of competition and other factors both known and unknown as described within this Company's reports and other filings with appropriate regulatory agencies.

Investor Relations:

CRG Capital Investments

(305) 244 8427

(888) 890-1KID (1543)

SOURCE: ATWEC Technologies, Inc.

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Investor Relations

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