The shareholders will glimpse the new marketing tool first.

Memphis, TN – June 6, 2007 (Market Wire) — ATWEC Technologies (PINKSHEET: ATWT) announced it will be releasing a complete package of child safety educational materials, used to make our children and the public aware of important bus and car safety rules.

“Kiddie Kid,” an animated character, who promotes transportation safety in a kid-friendly way, was first introduced in November of 2006 to evaluate the effectiveness of a “cartoon” learning tool. Kiddie Kid was a hit in ATWEC’s preliminary tests, and the company has since compiled the necessary components to distribute the package nationally.

  • ATWEC has developed its own child safety character (Kiddie Kid) in a life size, figure for kids to interact with during safety promotion.
  • Kiddie Kid comes equipped with his own safety comic book series.
  • Kiddie Kid has just completed filming his very first animation video.
  • ATWEC announced that it will license the Kiddie Kid character as the animated spokesperson for its charity, ATWEC Child Safety Charity.
  • ATWEC is proud to announce that its new charity website is completely functional and ready for viewing at http://www.atwecchildsafetycharity.org/. The ATWEC Child Safety Charity is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting child safety education and legislation across the United States.

These new educational tools give ATWEC an edge over competitors because they explain ATWEC’s superior technology in a way that’s easy to understand—children, parents, and teachers alike will learn about the safety systems installed on their vehicles in a simple and fun format. The Kiddie Kid package also doubles as a unique marketing tool because it allows ATWEC to be seen as a single source supplier.

Headstart insists that parents are well informed about transportation safety, and the Kiddie Kid educational package of comic book and animated video truly provides a comprehensive way to fulfill this requirement, giving ATWEC an advantage over its competitors. The company now can deliver its technology and the educational piece at the same time for all-inclusive training.

Shareholders can expect these new marketing tools to arrive in their mailboxes within the next couple of days

About ATWEC Technologies:

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. designs safety products for the transportation industry with a focus on child protection. Its signature “Kiddie Systems” products prevent child back-over accidents and accidental child abandonment on school and daycare vehicles. Visit the company's web site: http://www.atwec.com/.


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