Penfield Children’s Center and ATWEC Inc Kick Off

ATWEC Child Safety Systems Help to Prevent Back Up, Abandonment Accidents

MILWAUKEE, WI (August 17, 2007) -- Penfield Children’s Center and ATWEC, a leader in the childcare safety industry, will demonstrate how to prevent back up accidents and accidental child abandonment in vehicles as part of its Back To School KidSafe Program kickoff on Aug. 17 at Penfield Children’s Center, 833 N. 26th St. Milwaukee.

ATWEC’s signature Kiddie Systems™ product lines help to save lives by alerting drivers to potential child back over accidents as well as accidental child abandonment on childcare and school bus vehicles. ATWEC Child Safety Charity donated systems and installation on all of Penfield’s six vans, which will be available for demonstration on Aug. 17. In addition, Richlonn Service Group will be on hand to demonstrate how the Kiddie Systems™ are installed and operate.

“We serve 1,300 children and their families at Penfield, 900 of which are children ages birth to three with disabilities,” said Jim Ryan, President of Penfield’s Children’s Center. “These are the children that are most helpless and need every bit of protection, which ATWEC is providing.”

“Our goal with the KiddieVoice® and Kiddie Alert™ Systems is to save lives,” said Alex T. Wiley, President, ATWEC, Inc. “Our research shows that a child responds better by hearing a human voice as opposed to a ringing sound when a vehicle backs up.”

As part of the kickoff various city and county officials will be on hand to discuss the merits of the program as well as ATWEC mascot, Kiddie Kid™. The colorful cartoon character life action figure will be giving away Kiddie Kid T-shirts as well as comic books and other assorted items.

“We want to make the Kiddie Systems™ available and affordable for use throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin,” said Wiley, adding “given the increase in the number of accidents we continue to see, if we can save just one child’s life, our efforts will be well worth it.”

ATWEC has already begun delivering to the ATWEC Child Safety Charity its Kiddie Alert System. ATWEC Charity is g iving one free childcare safety system to Wisconsin-based childcare organizations in its continuing effort to save lives and prevent backover accidents and accidental child abandonment in vehicles.

ATWEC is partnering with West Bend Mutual Insurance/NSI, Richlonn Service Group (Franchise affiliates of Goodyear/Gemini Tire & Rubber) and the ATWEC Child Safety Charity Group to make the KiddieVoice™ and KiddieAlert™ Systems available for installation on childcare vans, school buses and other types of vehicles used to transport children.

About Penfield’s Children Center

Penfield Children’s Center is one of the leading providers of Birth-to-3 early intervention services in the State of Wisconsin. For 40 years, Penfield has helped infants and young children to reach their full potential. Located at 26th and Wells Streets in Milwaukee’s central city, Penfield provides early intervention, special education, therapy services and child care for children with and without special needs.


ATWEC, Inc., designs childcare safety products for the childcare safety industry with a focus on child safety and transportation. ATWEC’s signature Kiddie Systems™ product lines help to save lives by alerting drivers to potential child backover accidents as well as accidental child abandonment on childcare and school bus vehicles.

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