ATWEC Child Safety Donor Program Kickoff 1st Annual Event May 16, 2009

ATWEC Child Safety Systems Help Prevent Back Over, Abandonment Accidents

GRENADA, MS (May 16 , 2009)---- ATWEC Technologies, Inc. a leader in the childcare safety industry, and the ATWEC Child Safety Donor Program will demonstrate how to prevent back over accidents and accidental child abandonment in vehicles as part of its recognition of the various agencies and individuals who have donated this technology to be given to local area groups.

The Kid Safe Donor Program will kickoff on May 16, 2009 at 1195 Sunset Drive, Grenada MS. This event is schedule to start at 10am.

Mr. George Douglas, a promoter of the donor program has done a great job with organizations such as the Exchange Club, Junior Auxiliary of Grenada, doctor offices, lawyers, business community, auto Dealerships, investment groups and numerous other givers.

Because of the kindness of these organizations and individuals, this technology will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Grenada, Grenada Public Schools, Grenada Headstart, Roland Boys Home, Adolescent Offender Program just to name a few.

Mr. Rod Hardwick (the manager of a major auto parts retailer store) has been the distribution point for the donor program. Mr. Hardwick will assist in hosting this campaign that will coincide with his customer appreciation day. Come meet Kiddie Kid (Safety Character), watch the demo and enjoy the festivities.

"Our goal is to save and change lives, " said Alex T. Wiley, President, ATWEC, Inc. and the Grenada Child Safety Donor Program is timely as our children begin their summer vacation. Safety is always top priority and thanks to the good citizens in Grenada safety has now taken on a new meaning.


ATWEC, Inc., designs childcare safety products for the childcare industry with a focus on transportation. A TWEC' s signature Kiddie Systems™ product lines help to save lives by alerting drivers of potential child back over accidents as well as accidental child abandonment on childcare and school bus vehicles. For more information visit our website @

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