ATWEC 2009 Update

ATWEC Updates 2009


ATWEC Begins Delivering The Next Generation Of Its Safety Products


      Memphis, TN – December 31, 2009 (Market Wire)-ATWEC Technologies (PINKSHEETS: ATWT) CEO (Alex Wiley) expressed today he is very optimistic about the company’s future. The state of the economy is tough but ATWEC is committed to providing a solution to an ever-growing problem of children around vehicles.


The company is weathering these economic hard times and looking forward to 2010. As with most businesses during these times, we are constantly evaluating ways to be just as effective with minimum resources. As the economy begins to rebound ATWEC feels the demand for its technology will increase as it continues to build its shareholders base, and find/create a market for its Kiddie Systems™ products.


ATWEC has accomplished many milestones during the 2009 year namely:

·          Instrumental in legislation passing in Wisconsin

·          Special meeting with Senate & House committee in Wisconsin

·          Caravans Inc. buys master distributor rights for Wisconsin

·          Establish authorized dealers through master distributor

·          Implemented a Donor Program utilizing a major auto parts retailer

·          Introduced the next Generation for the Kiddie Voice© product


Now ATWEC has begun to redefine its manufacturing and product line which will give us a competitive edge as our customers begin to order the best technology at solid state prices.


About ATWEC Technologies:

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. designs safety products for the transportation industry with a focus on child protection. Its signature Kiddie Systems™ products prevent child back-over accidents and accidental child abandonment on school and daycare vehicles. To learn more please visit the company's Web site:

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ATWEC Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique line of hi-tech child care safety and security products for sale in the US, Canada and Mexico.

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ATWEC is proud to announce the KiddieSystems products.

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